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Professional Courier Services in Connecticut

Even as more and more companies enter the courier arena, Mail Delivery and Courier, Inc. continues to offer distinct advantages.

To begin with, our 50 years of experience. We’ve been doing this a long time. We know everything there is to know about delivery and have a track record of providing a range of fast, cost-effective courier services throughout CT and MA, including our new service to Boston.

Professional Courier

Next, training. We constantly study changes in the marketplace and technology. If there is a way to improve productivity for ourselves and our customers, we will find it.

And there are ongoing changes. Delivery models keep evolving as more companies enter the courier arena. While FedEx and UPS continue to use long-established logistics approaches, companies like Uber, Google, and Amazon are scrambling to find new ways to cut costs and delivery times.

Currently, Amazon is working on an app that will let anyone who uses it call themselves a courier. The proposed app will enable people heading to a particular destination to earn money by delivering packages along the way. Will they be able to guarantee 100% security and punctuality as we do? It remains to be seen.

Uber has already introduced courier services, using foot messengers, taxi drivers, and anyone with a means of transportation as couriers of mail, documents, and parcels. Are confidential legal documents secure? Do lab specimens arrive exactly on time? We don’t know. We only know that we guarantee security, privacy, and dependability.

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Mail Delivery and Courier, Inc. will continue to offer fast, accurate, reliable, PROFESSIONAL courier services as we always have—which includes keeping our eyes out for new ways to improve productivity and increase value to our customers.

You can easily place an order online or call us, 24/7. Your concerns will be listened to and your unique delivery needs will be satisfied, quickly and professionally.

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